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Fujino Genkuro Memorial Hall

Commemorating Doctor Genkuro's life and achievements

In Awara City in front of the Echizen Railroad and Awara Onsen Town Station (えちぜん鉄道・あわら湯のまち駅) is the Fujino Genkuro Memorial Hall. This former resident of Fujino Genkuro was originally a lodge in the town of Mikuni, but it has been inherited by surviving relatives.

Genkuro was set on becoming a doctor from an early age. Genkuro was born the third son of Doctor Hachiro Fujino. He worked hard on his dream, eventually becoming a professor at Sendai School of Medicine (today it is Tohoku University). At that time he intended to study Chinese medicine. By coincidence or destiny, Genkuro met the master of Chinese literature, Lu Xun.

The Fujino Genkuro Memorial Hall explores the connection between Fujino with his lifelong mentor Lu Xun, as well as the contents of Fujino's private life.