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Fukui Botanical Garden in the Rain

Beautiful flowers and plants in the rain

A typhoon was on the way when I visited Fukui Botanical Garden 'Plantopia'. When I left my home, the bright sun was shining, so I hoped against hope that it wouldn't hit the garden until I had seen it. My hope was shattered of course. As soon as I arrived it started to rain. Disappointed, I wandered inside the building hoping that the rain would stop. And it stopped! I dashed toward the entrance of the garden and started to take pictures. That's when the rain came back again. Therefore, I couldn't stroll around the gigantic garden that spreads all over the hills, but the plants and flowers I glimpsed there were so beautiful. I have to go back again!

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Chris Barnes 8 years ago
Nice! I actually prefer visiting gardens just after the rain, I love seeing everything glistening in moisture :)
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Thanks Chris! Yes, you are right, they are just beautiful after the rain!
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
There's something about flowers in the rain! Thank you Takako!
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Thanks for the comment Victoria! Yes, flowers in the rain are so beautifulヽ(^o^)丿

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