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International Birthday Party

For all the people around the world who love dancing

For those who have just started living in Fukui as a student, ALT or a corporate employee, interaction with others in the community is important.

Fukui is such a small local city that foreigners are seldom seen walking around town. If you are here in Fukui as a student or a trainee, you have more chances to socialize with others. On the other hand, if you’re an ALT, the opportunity to enlarge your circle of friends must be very limited. In addition, the monotony of commuting between home and office may make you feel very bored or feel isolated. In such a case, “the International Birthday Party” is a very good opportunity to meet people and enjoy yourself in Fukui.

On the second Saturday night of every month, “the International Birthday Party” is held at ‘Salsa Lab’ in Fukui City. A love for dancing and music is what the people coming to this party have in common, as well as the desire to make friends. Everyone and anyone is welcome, including foreign visitors to the city. It's a great way to make friends!

At the moment, people from more than 10 countries enjoy coming to this party. They speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. The owner and host, Mr. Norihiro Yamauchi (Nori), and the DJ, Mr. Miguel E. Martinez (Miguel), are both smart engineers with Ph.D.s, and both love dancing and music. They’re really nice guys.

Miguel says: “In Cuba, dancing is what everybody usually does in their everyday life. When people get together on the street or in an alley in towns or in villages, they start dancing. That’s the way they are. I also learned dancing that way.” You can also enjoy seeing the dance team “Sugar” perform; Sugar is a team comprised of local women.

You don’t have to make a reservation. You can just come straight to ‘Salsa Lab’, which is on the 4th floor of the Salsa Lab. Building. The charge is ¥1,000, and includes 1 drink (water, juice, or beer) of your choice.

For further information please explore the "International Birthday Party" Facebook page.

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