Fukui Izakaya "Mekara Uroko"

Farm-fresh vegetables & fishes in stylish atmosphere

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

Every Fukuian knows the "Warabi Group", a well-known restaurant chain, and "Mekara Uroko" (Eye-opener) their newest, opened about 6 months ago in Katamachi, Fukui City. The sub-name of this izakaya is "Echizen Fish Market", which is understandable once you taste the fresh local vegetables and fish here. As this is the sister-Izakaya of "Warabi", one of the famous Warabi dishes, "Tamago-Yaki (fried rolled eggs)" is served here as well. The place is stylish, rooms can change size using mobile partitions and every room can be private. There are pits under the tables(Horigotatsu), so foreigners as well as Japanese can stretch out their legs and relax. If you have to sit in a chair no matter what, there are western chairs at the counter. Since this is in Fukui, of course you can also enjoy drinking Kokuryu or Hakugakusen and other excellent local sake brands.

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Takako Sakamoto

Takako Sakamoto @takako.sakamoto

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