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Hydrangeas at Daian-Zenji Temple

Enjoy fresh air & lovely flowers in the forest of Fukui

Daian-zenji Temple must be one of the best-kept secrets in Fukui. It's June now and I wanted to see irises. When I asked, one of my friends said, 'People say this temple is famous for irises', but she'd never been there before. Another friend said there are irises here, but he visited the temple three years ago for the first time despite the fact that he's been living near the temple for his entire life. Anyway, taking my friends' suggestions I went to see the iris festival at the temple and instead found many many many beautiful hydrangeas blooming in the wild forest! And all through my exploration in the woods I was totally alone in the afternoon on this Sunday in June, the high season for hydrangeas! Highly, definitely, recommended!

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