Kasumigajo Park and Maruoka Castle

Beautiful park at the foot of Maruoka Castle in Fukui

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Kasumigajo Park is a beautiful park/garden located at the foot of Maruoka Castle in Sakai city, Fukui. It was built on the castle's ruins in 1979 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the castle. It is landscaped as a traditional Japanese garden. Maruoka Castle and Kasumigajo Park are one of the 100 best hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots in Japan, and people come to see the beautiful sakura (cherry trees) in spring. Maruoka Castle is also known as Kasumi-ga-jo (Castle in the Mist), and so the park was named after this other name. This area is called Kasumi-cho (Mist-town), because of its misty weather, but there might be another, supernatural reason why it often gets misty. If you are interested to know why, please read this other article!

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