Konpira Shrine at Kakyo Park

Hike up the hill enjoying the beautiful autumn foliage!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 2 min read

I visited Kakyo Park in Echizen City with my husband. As I was furiously taking photos of Okafuto Shrine at the foot of the hill, I got a phone call from my husband who said, 'Hey, you have to come here, Konpira Shrine on top of the hill! The view is great!'. So I went, without knowing what 'on top of the hill' really meant. The hill turned out to be about 300 meters high with a winding pathway, and there was lots to see. I stopped here and there, took over 700 photos, and when I finally reached the top, of course my husband was gone. But he was right, the view was fantastic! And the gorgeous autumn leaves along the pathway were worth the muscle pain I endured for a week after the climb.

Echizen's Kakyo Park Series 1. Multi Colored Kakyo Park in Echizen 2. Country House at Fukui's Kakyo Park 3. Okafuto Shrine's Prayer Hall 4. Mikoshi-Den of Okafuto Shrine 5. Main Hall of Okafuto Shrine 6. Sangetsu-Ro & Izumo Taisha in Fukui 7. Konpira Shrine at Kakyo Park

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