Okafuto Shrine's Prayer Hall

Old shrine founded in the 6th century by Emperor Keitai

By Takako Sakamoto    - 2 min read

Okafuto Shrine sits at the foot of Horai Hill in Echizen city, Fukui. It is said that Emperor Keitai, when he was still a prince and living in Echizen province, founded this shrine to pray for successful flood control of Kuzuryu, Asuwa and Hino rivers sometime before 507 A.D. (in olden times, when these rivers flooded Echizen Plain turned into a lake). The main entrance of the shrine faces the road on the ground level, but you can also enter the shrine through Kakyo Park, which is on the hillside. From this prayer hall, the stone steps lead you to the Mikoshi Hall and Main Prayer Hall at the elevated level on the hill.

Echizen's Kakyo Park Series
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5. Main Hall of Okafuto Shrine
6. Sangetsu-Ro & Izumo Taisha in Fukui
7. Konpira Shrine at Kakyo Park

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