Small Shrines of Kurotatsu Jinja

Elegant buildings dating back to the Sengoku Era

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

The two beautiful small shrines are standing on the premises of Keya Kurotatsu Jinja in Fukui City. When Yuki Hideyasu was transferred from Yuki County in Ibaraki in 1601, to govern Fukui , and became the first lord of Fukui Region, one of the shrines, Nishinomiya Ebisu Shrine, was invited from Yuki County to Fukui The other, Ishiwatari Hachiman Shrine, was built in 1446 as the guardian shrine of Keya town, and was moved to stand on the grounds of Kurotatsu Shrine in 1908. Both shrines looked new and elegant to me. There are two stones, one to make your wish come true, and another to get rid of evil spirits. Try them out when you come visit here!

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