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Fukuoka Mobility Show

Explore the next generation of vehicles

Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka When: Late Dec 2024

The multi-day Fukuoka Mobility Show (rebranded from the Fukuoka Motor Show) serves to highlight the future of transportation and its possibilities. A total of 45 different car and motorcycle manufacturers will be exhibiting at the event, showcasing the latest vehicles and concept cars from both domestic and foreign companies.

Along with the wide variety of vehicles on display, the event also includes vehicle-based talks, test-drives, and even child-friendly go-karting experiences.

This is a ticketed event, with adult admission priced at 1800 JPY (1600 JPY for advance tickets), and university student admission priced at 1200 JPY (1000 JPY for advance tickets). Admission is free for high school students and younger.

Getting there

Marine Messe Fukuoka is located approximately 15 minutes on foot from Gofukumachi Station, which is served by the Fukuoka City Subway's Hakozaki Line. Alternatively, buses are available to the venue from JR Hakata Station – the ride takes around 15 minutes.

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Sander van Werkhoven 3 months ago
Seems like they travel the country now with the car shows? Been to the Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) a month ago, already saw advertising for the Nagoya Mobility Show later during my trip, and now also the Fukuoka Mobility show?
I wonder how big and busy it will be, compared to the one in Tokyo. That one had over 1.1 million visitors during 11 days (9 for general public), while the one in Nagoya got 163k during just 4 days. Assuming Fukuoka would be similar to that, it might be interesting to avoid the big crowds. In Tokyo I had an early access ticket which allowed me to enter the show an hour earlier, that was some money well spent....
Sander van Werkhoven 3 months ago
Sure was! I basically used that first hour to run around the two main halls to see the big news, and after that just took my time to see everything else. Though next time, I should just run to the Tomica stand (yes, toy cars....), because later on the lines there were just insane....

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