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Hakata Temple Tour 2024

A meditative neighborhood nightwalk through Hakata

Venue: Hakata When: Early Nov 2024

Hakata has a fine collection of temples and shrines that make for a relaxing day's stroll – except when it's at night in November. Once a year the city lights up the area's attractions with new emotions, drawing thousands of shutterbugs and contemplating night owls.

Tickets are worth it, however, as the crowds are rather quiet and reflective. And in recent years, neighboring shops also participate by extending hours and lighting up the streets.

A convenient place to begin is Tocho-ji, the large temple a short walk from Hakata Station.

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Preethu 8 years ago
Amazing Pictures!
Andrea Kahlow 8 years ago
What beautiful pictures! looks amazing
Tristan Scholze Author 8 years ago
2015 "Hakata Light-up Walk": 11/15-11/23, 5:30 to 9:00 pm!
Anonymous 9 years ago
Wow the lighting makes the temples look so ethereal and beautiful!
Olga 9 years ago
Looks pink with that light-up but actually the color is red, is it?
Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
Good question. The big temple (Tocho-ji) in the first photo actually has brown beams and pillars. The pagoda to the left is light red, the usual pagoda color in Japan. Find out more about the temple and see it in the daytime here: https://en.japantravel.com/fukuoka/tochoji-temple-hakata-city/4557

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