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Komyozenji Temple, Dazaifu

The mesmerizing beauty of a Japanese Zen garden

One thing I wanted to visit during my stay in Japan was one of the often called Zen gardens. For this reason I am here in Komyozenji Temple in Dazaifu, a Zen temple founded in 1273 by the Buddhist priest Tetsugyu Enshin, a member of the Sugawara family. The temple is particularly known for its rhododendrons and autumn leaves, and it is one of the most famous temples in Kyushu that has Karesansui (dry landscape) stone gardens. Moss plants and white sand in the inner garden represent the land and the vast ocean respectively, and rocks in the front garden are arranged in the shape of the Chinese Character for “light." Let’s sit at the porch of the hojo (the residence of the chief monk of the temple) and enjoy the minimalist Zen beauty of this rock garden.

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