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Watch: An Oyster Hut Excursion in Itoshima

Winter seafood BBQ in the harbor

Visit the harbor of Shimafunakoshi in Itoshima for this fun winter barbecue experience. You’ll see here aerial views of the harbor, mountainous terrain, and oyster farms out at sea. Watch the oysters come in by boat and go right over to the kakigoya, or oyster huts, large seasonal restaurant tents right at the waterfront. Thirty minutes from Fukuoka City, thousands come here on weekends during the oyster season (November to March) for the scenery and fresh seafood. Expect crowds, so make a reservation or hang out in the harbor while you’re waiting. The huts close by about 3 pm.

カキ小屋 or 牡蠣小屋—kakigoya—oyster huts


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Tristan Scholze Videographer 8 years ago
The 2015 oyster season is now open!
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
Love oysters. Thanks for the feature! Going to have to catch up here this November!
Tristan Scholze Videographer 8 years ago
Oyster season will be here before you know it! Thank you.