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Abukuma Oktoberfest

Venue: Green Park Miyakoji When: Late Sep 2023

The Abukuma area of Fukushima faced significant damage from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, and since then there have been numerous revitalization projects to help rebuild the region. One such initiative has involved promoting various breweries across the prefecture, and several of them are coming together for the inaugural Abukuma Oktoberfest this fall.

The event will see around 30 breweries and local restaurants gather at the scenic Green Park Miyakoji, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of beers and sake alongside foods that pair well with them.

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time via the official event website at a slight discount compared to on the day tickets.

Getting there

Green Park Miyakoji is located approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Ogoe Station, which is served by the Ban'etsu East Line.

For those who opt to drive, the venue is 25 minutes from Tamura IC (ETC only) or 30 minutes from Funabiki Miharu IC on the Ban-etsu Expressway. Free on-site parking is available.

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