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Strolling Takayama Streets

The laid-back pleasures of Hida Takayama

I traveled from Okuhida to Hida Takayama on October 11th in 2010. I have visited Hida Takayama many times before, so I know this area like the back of my hand.

I probably come here about once every three years, and I can't help returning time and time again, since this place relaxes me so much! I avoid going to places crowded with tourists, and walk down the streets looking at wooden furniture, sundry goods, traditional crafts and things like that. If I feel like it, I go into a sake brewery or a miso shop and sample of their products. On my way back, I usually have pickles or foods boiled in soy sauce in my hand. Probably I get the same foods every time I come here. Anyway, I LOVE Hida Takayama!

Walk on the Streets of Historical Hida Takayama 1. Strolling Takayama Streets 2. Ancient Streets of Takayama