Sen on the red bridge (Photo: Studio Ghibli)
Sen on the red bridge (Photo: Studio Ghibli)
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5 Spirited Away Locations You Can Visit in Japan

Real-life locations that remind us of Studio Ghibli's anime masterpiece

If you're a fan of Spirited Away, the masterpiece from Studio Ghibli, you might find this interesting! Explore the breathtaking beauty of Spirited Away locations, from its iconic red bridge and magnificent hot springs to its thrilling adventures.

1. Traditional Hot Springs in Gunma and Tochigi

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Shutterstock / BlackRabbit3

The journey began at the red bridge that links Chihiro to the alternate world. SekizenKan, located in Shima Onsen, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, features a red bridge that closely resembles the iconic one from the film. Envision yourself as the protagonist of a movie, walking across a vibrant red bridge!

Kinugawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture is home to a beautiful hot spring that may seem familiar to the movie. The central area of this hot spring appears to have a similar style to where Sen worked in the movie. Let's explore every floor of the grand hot spring! There may be Kami (Shinto Gods) bathing somewhere🤔

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Asaya Hotel

2. Restaurants near Yurakucho station in Tokyo

Do you remember the street that Chihiro's parents couldn't pass in the movie? A street near Yurakucho Station in Tokyo is lit up with colorful lights, showcasing a variety of eye-catching restaurants. Delicious food is something you definitely won't want to miss out on!

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Unsplash / mos design

3. Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum in Tokyo

Have you heard about the inspiration behind Kamaji's boiler room in the movie? It was actually inspired by a stationary store in Japan's Edo period “(1603-1868)”. The Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum showcases old buildings from that era, and one of them is Takei Sanshodo - a stationary store with a wall full of wooden drawers. It is said that Hayao Miyazaki drew inspiration from this store to create the unique look of Kamaji's boiler room.

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © TANAKA Juuyoh / CC BY 2.0

The boiler room is not the only inspiration from the Edo period. The House of Korekiyo Takahashi at the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum looks just like Sen (Chihiro) and Lin’s dormitory. The building can remind us of Sen and Lin enjoying steamed buns while gazing out the lattice-patterned window.

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Littlelixie / CC BY-NC 2.0

Do you recall the yellow train that ran across the coastal tracks in the movie? A train like the one that Kaonashi and Sen rode to Zeniba's cottage is also on display at the Tokyo Museum of Architecture.

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Japan Travel / Yoshiko Toyama

4. JR Shimonada Station in Ehime

Towards the end of the movie, Sen and Kaonashi arrive on the yellow train at a train station by the blue sea. JR Shimonada station, located in Ehime Prefecture, offers a picturesque view similar to the one in the movie. Imagine taking a walk like Sen and Kaonashi at a beautiful train station overlooking the vast sea!

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Shutterstock / BlackRabbit3

5. Sado Island & Tarai-bune Boat in Niigata

You might have wondered what kind of boat this is. The boat in the movie is a unique boat called "Tarai-Bune" and can still be found in Ogi town on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture. These boats are exclusive to Japan and offer a one-of-a-kind experience. The tarai-bune were tub boats used for navigating around the cliffs for seaweed and abalone harvesting. In contemporary times, they are primarily used to entertain tourists.

L: © Studio Ghibli R: © Japan Travel / Alena Eckelmann

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