An easy distraction it may be but Mt. Takao, one of Tokyo's most popular destinations, is not the only natural place of interest that can be found in Hachioji City. The city's parks and gardens are fantastic destinations in their own right and include memorials, nature reserves and plenty of outdoor atmosphere. Here we introduce some of the spaces of Hachioji and how to reach them.

Fujimori Park

Football and baseball fields, tennis courts, and athletic tracks might make up the bulk of the space, but Fujimori Park has even more to offer. A commemorative veterans memorial tower, a shrine and flea market as well as cherry blossom-lined paths and beds of flower gardens make the park a lovely place to go for a stroll.

A 14-minute walk from Yamada Station on the Keio Takao Line.

Komiya Park

With its verdant nature all accessible via a series of wooden walkways that work their way through and criss-cross the area, Komiya Park turns out to be a lovely place to visit. A varied elevation, plenty of good views and rest benches combine with a great children's playground to ensure that this park doesn't disappoint.

A 20-minute walk from Keio-Hachioji Station on the Keio Line.

Komiya Park
Komiya Park (Photo: Image by takki)

Takiyama Natural Park

Full of hiking trails surrounded by oak and cherry blossom trees, Takiyama Park is home to some seriously impressive views. Walking the trails gives visitors the chance to take in the sights of the nearby Tamagawa River but the park is also the location of the Takiyama Castle ruins, now a recognised historical site.

A 10-minute drive from Komiya Station on the JR Hachiko Line.

Takiyama Natural Park
Takiyama Natural Park (Photo: Image by hero1945)

Tochiyato Park

With its rolling open spaces and layered landscape, the views of Mt. Fuji give Tochiyato Park an atmosphere much larger than its actual size would suggest. A sense of the wild, the stone bridge in the centre of the park as well as a large pond add some further appeal while the plum blossoms work to do the same.

A 15-minute walk from Hachiojiminamino Station on the JR Yokohama Line.

Tochiyato Park
Tochiyato Park (Photo: Image by ハシ君)