Highlights of Saga

Visit some of the highlights of Saga Prefecture

By Robert Kodama   Nov 30, 2017 - 2 min read


Saga Prefecture is a wonderful place, here you can find beautiful nature, relaxing hot springs and cultural sites deep with history. Read on to discover some of the biggest draws of this prefecture.

Nanatsugama Caves (七ツ釜)

Nanatsugama Caves
Nanatsugama Caves

This spectacular location comprised of seven adjacent caves is now considered a natural monument of Japan. It is the perfect spot for experiencing first hand some of the largest caves to have been formed by the natural erosion of cliffs. The caves can be enjoyed leisurely on a cruise boat, and there are camping grounds located nearby should you wish to stay the night.

Takeo Onsen (武雄温泉)

Takeo Onsen
Takeo Onsen

Boasting a combination of stunning architecture and natural hot springs, this is the perfect place for you to spend a few days sampling the various onsen options on offer. People have long believed that the spring water in this region, which has a history dating back 1300 years, has the effect of beautifying the skin.

Aritayaki-Gozen (有田焼五膳)


Aritayaki-Gozen is a local cuisine developed in the year 2011 that can be sampled in several restaurants throughout the town of Arita. Locally-sourced chicken and vegetables are used to prepare the 5 dishes that comprise this meal, together with a drink and a dessert. Meals start at 1300 yen at some of the restaurants. This is a menu that certainly tastes as good as it looks!

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