Making no fuss about its suburban leanings, the natural spaces of Komae City are just that, natural. Simple green spaces that are easy on the children and offer a respite from loud tourism, here is an introduction to some of the parks of Komae and how to reach them.

Komaemizube Park

A place to go exploring with the kids, Komaemizube Park is basically the city's section of the northern bank of the Tama River. Great for getting away from suburbia without actually leaving it, the park is sometimes used as a staging point for canoeing and a spot of sunset photography. Simple, natural and very green, bring your picnic sheet and relax.

A 15-minute walk from Izumi-Tamagawa Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.

Komaemizube Park
Komaemizube Park (Photo: Image by abarenbo-camp)

Maehara Park

A great little suburban park that is perfect for families, Maehara Park features small raised landscaping, helping to create a feeling of adventure, as well as a good selection of children's equipment to entertain the younger kids. The flower garden adds a fresh feeling of colour while the pond, aptly named the dragonfly pond, offers an aquatic break in the landscaping.

A 15-minute walk from Shibasaki Station on the Keio Line.

Maehara Park (light adjusted)
Maehara Park (light adjusted) (Photo: 珈琲牛乳 / CC BY 3.0)

Nishigawara Park

Sitting as it does with the Tama River along its southern border, the public space of Nishigawara Park is a pleasant opportunity to relax and take in the open atmosphere. A couple of ponds and water areas as well children's play equipment add some flavour but it is the evening sunsets, with the river in the fore that really stand out.

A 13-minute walk from Komae Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.

Nishigawara Park
Nishigawara Park (Photo: Image by 元林徹)

Nishinogawa Reserve

Using funds set aside for purpose, the residents of the city have helped preserve Nishinogawa Reserve for future generations. Surrounded by residential buildings and local plots of farm land, this little tract of natural forest sits just south of the Nogawa River and offers a sense of nature for the people of the area.

A 10-minute no.19 bus ride from Tsutsujigaoka Station on the Keio Line.