Chiyoda Kawasegaki Festival

A solemn yet beautiful event in Gunma Prefecture

Venue: Tone River, Akaiwa, Gunma When: Mid Aug 2024

Japanese festivals showcase a diverse range of traditions, customs, and beliefs, and they can vary greatly in their nature, ranging from joyous and celebratory to solemn and reflective. One that leans more towards the latter is the Chiyoda Kawasegaki Festival, an event which includes reciting sutras and floating lanterns as a memorial for victims of drowning accidents.

The festival will also include an impressive fireworks display, with around 4000 of them set to be launched.

Photo: Gunma Prefecture Tokyo Office

Getting there

The event takes place along the Tone River in Akaiwa (near the Akaiwa Ferry) which can be accessed in around 20 minutes by taxi from Tatebayashi Station. The station is served by the Tobu Railway's Isesaki Line, Sano Line, and Koizumi Line.

For those who opt to drive, the general area is located around 30 minutes from either the Tatebayashi IC on the Tohoku Expressway, or the Ota Kiryu IC on the Kita Kanto Expressway.


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