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Getting Lost in the Countryside

Near Mount Asama and Tsumagoi

Getting lost is for me a big part of travelling. It is often how I discover great places to eat, an art gallery or just a nice neighborhood.
Because I was not used to my Japanese GPS yet, I got lost one day on my way back home. I had absolutely no idea where I was. But, I discovered a farming area near Tsumagoi. It was not the famous cabbages farms, but dairy farms. I always wondered where they could be as it is rare to spot cows or others animals out in the fields. The animals were not in the fields that day either, but I could catch a glimpse of them passing by some farms.

There are two campings sites nearby as well as some orchards. Buying fruits or vegetables directly from the farmers is much cheaper in Japan. It is a great place to stop by if you go by car to see Mount Asama, for example.

Getting there

Near the Kakure Hot spring and the Ishidakankono Orchards.

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