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Café Restaurant Yama-Boushi

Genuine food, a nice view, and a friendly owner

Genuine food, nice view, and a friendly shop owner; you can get them all at this Café restaurant “Yama-Boushi”. I had a wonderful time there, and I would love to take my family to there again.

It was nice sunny day after the snow. While I was driving a car on the mountain snow road in Northern part of Gunma, Showa Village, I was starved and looking for some place to eat, perhaps convenient stores or franchised restaurants, not really. I had been driving a car, go on and on. It was in country side and no stores around. And then, suddenly there was a mid size log house showed up on my right side by chance. I glanced at a sign board, and it says “Today’s Lunch 1,050 yen.” Hmm… what would it be? I once passed over, but I couldn’t ignore the sign and the house. I stopped the car, turned around and went back to the log house following my intuition.

The smell of burning woods was welcome me when I entered the café. There was a wooden fireplace near the entrance. Mrs. Ishizaka, friendly and warm hearted lady is the owner of the café restaurant. The one that I ordered was “Today’s Lunch.” It’s hand-made MEAT LOAF set, including organic salad, miso soup, pickled cabbage, mushroom sauté, apples as desert. In addition, free drink herbal tea. I was so satisfied the amount and quality of the food. She’s persistence to using the ingredients come from this region as much as she can. The restaurant accommodates around 20 people with dinning tables, and there is a Tatami room, a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms, good for family members five to six people. During summer time, they offers terrace as well. You can also enjoy wonderful view of the mountains from the window if the weather is good. There were many dogs’ and cats’ pictures posted on the walls because she loves animals, and she is planning to have a sheep in the near future. The restaurant has been using for young ski tourists to elderly couples to sit back and see the views during sunset. There is a stove for Pizza! Hearth-baked pizza is also available. It’s sounds so good, isn’t it?

I have been living in Gunma for more than 20 years, but I didn’t know there is such a good place to eat. If you have opportunity to visit northern part of Gunma, I strongly recommend you to stop by the restaurant and enjoy your relaxing time. Mrs. Ishizaka said please pop into the store even for just a cup of coffee. I am sure you will have a great time.

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