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By C. Rio    - 1 min read

Over the New Year's holiday I had the pleasure of visiting the "Nature Cafe", owned by the "I Love Outdoors" adventure company.  What better after a day of rafting, canyoning or canoeing to sink into a delicious burger.  The one man at the center of it all, native Australian, Damien "Grassy" Chie.  Prior to working as a rafting and canyoning guide for the last 20 years, Grassy worked as a cook. In one day, the man can safely get you down a river and a canyon and wash it down with spectacular feed.  I had come for one thing, the  towering mass of meat, cheese, egg, bacon, lettuce, onion, and beets, know as the "Grassy Burger."  It was as delicious as it was beautiful, served with the customary love heart made of ketchup.

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C. Rio

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Based out of Minakami, where I work as a canyoning guide.  I love hiking and am always looking to the skies for good weather.