Kusatsu Onsen Town at Night

Lit-up 'field' of very hot water at popular hot spring

By Cathy Cawood   Sep 19, 2015

Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture is a very popular hot spring town with old world charm and lots of very hot water. The heart of the town is the  'hot water field' (Yubatake in Japanese). The hot water flows through rows of wooden chutes designed to expose the water to air and cool it. At night the 'hot water field' is lit up, as are the shops and restaurants around it. It looks beautiful and slightly surreal.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
Onsen is one of my best pleasures in Japan! :D
Elena Lisina a year ago
Yes, it's always too hot for me! : ) That's why I always take outdoor bath rather than indoor.
Peter Sidell 2 years ago
I was there in winter, and even though it was cold and snowy, there were loads of people walking around in their hotel yukatas, which made it even more surreal, but in a fun way!
Peter Sidell 2 years ago
Yes, it was wonderfully atmospheric, very 'slow life'. And the hotels did give overjackets to wear over the yukatas.