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Daisho-in Temple, Miyajima

A beautiful Buddhist temple nestled atop Mount Misen

Tranquil, serene, beautiful, sacred and historic - Daisho-in Temple is an enchanting place which can make the visitor consider adopting the life of a Buddhist monk. I visited the temple right as its doors opened and found myself the only foreigner, amongst local monks and morning worshippers. The smell of incense floated through the air and the sound of drums and the chanting of prayers echoed through the mountain. The shrines, statues and offerings are reminders that you are standing on sacred ground and seem to cast a calming spell over you. Daisho-in is over 1,200 years old. Stone paths weave up the mountain, leading you through a number of different shrines and showing off the stunning natural beauty of the temple's surroundings.

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