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On Fuji-Q Highland & Onsen at Mt Fuji 4 years ago
Thank you! I am really happy to read your feelings about my article. I hope you will be able to go and to enjoy the park and onsen as much as...
On Sekizenkan Ryokan 4 years ago
I LOOOOOVE it! I had the feeling to be inside the movie Spirited Away! This place looks magical!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us! :D
On Minshuku Fuchinoue in Yabakei 4 years ago
This place looks amazing! I really want to go there and meet this wonderful family and great place! Thank you for the information! :D
On Hanayashiki Amusement Park 4 years ago
I loooove your article! I will go next time I am looking for fun! It is the perfect deal for a nice day! Thank you for that, dear intrepid reporter!...
On The Kuroshio Sea 5 years ago
Thank you for this video, it really makes me want to go! A pure moment of relaxation thanks to you ! :D