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Fuji-Q Highland & Onsen at Mt Fuji

Time for fun!

“IAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!!” is the expression that I used the most on my day to Fuji-Q Highland, a really big attraction Park near Tokyo.

This is a clear, simple and passionate expression that sums up this experience perfectly. Crazy day, crazy roller coasters! This is obviously not an amusement park that I will recommend to you if you are squeamish. If you are dying for action, wishing to scream with all your heart and laugh like crazy then grab your camera, your friends and GO!

To give you some background, Fuji Q is really famous in Japan. It has the tremendously fast roller coaster Dodonpa (from 0 to 172km/h in 1.8sec) which goes up to 52m high. Next is Fujiyama, one of the highest (79m), fastest (130 km/h) and longest roller coasters in the world (3min 36sec). There there is Takabisha that will let you fall at 121 degrees after having make you going up in a straight vertical that only allows you to see the sky. Don't forget about Eejanaika that goes up to 76m high at 126km/h making you turn in every possible way thanks to the windy rail.

For those hesitating because of the price (¥5,000 for the entrance + free pass for attractions) let me tell you that I paid ¥8,700 for the free pass for almost all the attractions + entrance ticket + the round trip from Ryogoku to Fuji-Q. You can also find cheaper prices before August and, believe me, it is totally worth it!

My only regret was the waiting in lines. For all the attraction we had to wait between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours. For some attractions, you can buy a priority pass if you are willing to pay ¥1,000 more per attraction.

Except that part, I really enjoyed Fuji-Q. My favorite attraction was Dodonpa for sure! I nearly lost my voice and made my friends deaf according to them. There is a waiting moment in the tunnel with the countdown before the start of the car (starting at 172km/h) that was the best. The speed glued us on the seats before sending us to the sky followed by the feeling of free falling....it was awesome!

I also went to experience the famous haunted house which is supposed to be one of the longest and scariest haunted houses in the World.

After all these emotions, I have to say that I was pretty tired. To enjoy the park as much as possible, we all woke up at 5AM. Yes, we are crazy but it was totally worth it.

What would be the best after a crazy day like that? Obviously going to the nearby onsen!

The perfect thing is that there is a really famous onsen close to the park (5 min walk, across a mini Paris first and then, you will find it in a luxurious hotel). Thanks to my pass, I got a ¥500 discount on the initial ¥1,500. I was able to enjoy the bath (cold, jet, relaxation, outdoor bath and more). That was just paradise for my dead body!

A small tip: you should go to the Fujiyama Onsen around 4.30PM to take a break from the crazy waiting lines, enjoying the onsen and relaxation rooms for 1 hour, having a really nice dinner in front of Mt Fuji in your bath’s yukata at the restaurant of the complex and then go back to the park when the lines are s and an amazing night view, full of colorful lights!

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Alice Odoux Author 10 years ago
Thank you! I am really happy to read your feelings about my article. I hope you will be able to go and to enjoy the park and onsen as much as my friends and I ! :D
Anonymous 10 years ago
I like the playful and conversational tone throughout this article; I think that it matches the park wonderfully. As an adventure-seeker and a lover of heights, this place looks like the perfect place for me and my friends to take a trip to. I also love the fact that there is an onsen, too. As much as I love running around, I also appreciate the relaxation aspect of most things.

Thank you for your support!

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