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Fuji-Q New Attractions

Tentekomai, Fuji Airways and Le Village de Gaspard et Lisa

Famed Japan theme park, Fuji Q Highland is especially famous for its high sensation attractions and various roller-coaster varieties. Recently announced, however, are two new attractions that may appeal to those looking to soar the skies. There is also an interesting French quarter right outside the theme park that has seen some major improvements and renovations. 


For adrenaline junkies, taking on the new "Tentekomai" and trying to make your seat spin all the way around in constant loops while being over 30 meters above the ground is exactly what is needed! It might require some explanation before you manage to master the controls so check out the video below for a quick how-to.

Fuji Airways

The Fuji Airways attraction is a fully immersive experience in a flight from Tokyo to the top of mount Fuji, going all around the mountain before reaching the summit. Feeling the breeze and fragrances from the snowy top of Mt Fuji and observe the seasons change fresh spring to golden and red leaves to the flurry of winter and its chill breezes. The ride is enjoyable for all ages and one that is quite safe and comfortable for kids and adults alike. 

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa

Right outside Fuji Q is a small French quarter called “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa”. With a variety of shops and restaurants and a miniature of the Eiffel Tower the experience is quite complete. Even a French person will be surprised by how authentic the shops and decors mimics a small French town. Souvenirs are aplenty and include an activity where you may creating your own perfume by choosing between different fragrances and mixing them together. 

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Sleiman Azizi 5 years ago
Not to discount these attractions but I think I'll always be sold on the horror house. Just an incredible experience.

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