Kai Hoto Shingenyakata at Fuji-Q

A cross between a museum and a classy restaurant

By Claire Rieuneau    - 2 min read

If you stay a day or two at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, at some point you will probably need to find a place to eat lunch between trying rides like the Eejanaika or the Fujiyama. But being in an amusement park does not necessary imply that you will only find fast food or street food. If you want to enjoy a pleasant and delicious lunch in a traditional and historical atmosphere, the best option for you will be to eat at the Kai Hoto Shingenyakata restaurant.

Situated near Park Entrance #2 and between Eejanaika and Hamutaro's Gentle Ocean Ship, the Kai Hoto Shingenyakata restaurant is a classy restaurant inspired by the historical Sengoku Era. The name of the restaurant-museum comes from the ancient province of Kai, which is present-day Yamanashi Prefecture, and where Fuji-Q Highland stands. With booming sounds coming from two huge taiko drums, you will be eating in a nice atmosphere, surrounded by pieces of art like samurai armor, beautiful fans, Japanese paintings, and traditional Japanese warrior and women's clothes.

The menu offers various meals (typically Japanese) with prices around 1,400–1,800 yen on average. The Kai Hoto Shingenyakata is on the 2nd floor of the Bohatei restaurant; the huge restaurant can welcome up to 292 people total, so do not worry about coming with your family and friends and not being able to find a table.

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