Fuji-Q Highland, Fun Night and Day!

Wanna have fun? Go to Fuji-Q!

By Alice Odoux    - 1 min read

Fuji-Q Highland is a great place for having fun. Going there in the summer time is perfect! Under the sun and blue sky you can scream, throw your head back and laugh out loud! This attraction park is not for relaxation or intimate moments. It is a place you go with a bunch of friends and where, for one day, you can be as crazy as you like!

You even can do sightseeing while riding the famous roller coaster named Fujiyama. Arriving at the top of the 79m attraction takes awhile since they like making you go up very slowly to scare you more for the climax! Once at the top however, you have the most awesome view of Mount Fuji. So, be crazy, and hold on till the top!

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Alice Odoux

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