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Ippu Udon

Traditional style noodle shop in the city center

Ippu (一風) is a small, family run business that's served handmade udon since 1974. You can see them on the main street easily from their distinctive, giant white lantern hanging in front during opening hours. The front lit window is adorned with "homemade noodles" in Japanese. There are shelves of replica dishes by the front entrance enticing would-be visitors and they also have a full English menu.

The logo's wheel symbol represents the water wheel i.e. the cleanest water source vital for preparing high quality noodles. The passion of this family is their white flour udon dishes, though they also serve soba buckwheat noodles, nabe hot-pot and rice donburi too.

This is a restaurant that you will probably want to revisit over and over again. Whilst the food is great, the staff are so friendly too. The traditional Japanese atmosphere makes you feel right at home. Sitting at a table on the raised tatami mats, or at a wooden table with chairs, you are surrounded by old paintings and an art wall dedicated to how udon noodles are made by hand.

Ippu is a traditional shop of the kind seen less often in the rapidly modernizing Naka ward. Compared to the more modern chain, Chikara, you will appreciate Ippu's more unique personality every single time. It's a great place to go for a quick, healthy plate of noodles or rice and to re-discover one of Hiroshima's oldest noodle shops. You may notice signed placards from many of the famous foreign and Japanese visitors that have been served at Ippu over the years.

The menu offers a variety of udon, soba, nabe and donburi dishes and include combinations of tempura, shrimp, quail's eggs, vegetables, tofu, curry flavor as well as several meat topping options. The prices are very reasonable.

All the food is served in beautiful pottery bowls on wooden trays. The bowls are uniquely made with a lip at the side of the bowl where you can drink the soup more easily. Complementary tea or water is served after being seated. Another branch of the same family that runs the noodle shop also run a popular izakaya pub located in the very same building at the top of the stairs.

  • English menu
  • Kid friendly (children size cutlery and bowl available)
  • All areas of the restaurant are non-smoking
  • No credit cards
  • No parking
  • Reservations accepted
  • Seating for 40
  • Bring your own chopsticks to save trees as they only have waribashi
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