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Miss Hoa

Nice Vietnamese restaurant in the city center

Bright, light, stylish, quiet, relaxing, spacious, elegant are all words that come to mind when sitting in this Asian venture of the popular Hiroshima Mario Italian dining, cakes and cafe’s chain.

Located on the 6th floor of the central Sogo Pacela (cred) department store, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating as well as access to a small play area and viewpoint of Hiroshima castle.

Once you walk in, you will notice the small stream that runs through the restaurant with frogs and lotus blossoms floating on it. You find your way to dark wooden tables surrounded by Vietnamese paintings and large wooden designs in between the dining spaces.

Lunch is a wonderful time to enjoy being in this restaurant due to the big windows and bright interior. Lunch sets which include a selection of small Vietnamese dishes and either a sandwich, noodles, or a main dish (meat or fish) range from ¥1000-¥1800 .

Anything off of the main menu can be ordered from after 2pm and includes a wide assortment of drinks: many varieties of teas, cocktails, wine, and sake to suit those seeking the exotic as well as those who prefer the familiar. The jasmine tea hot or iced is delicious.

All food dishes ¥800-¥2200 and are larger than the lunch portions as they are designed to share. They include salads, spring rolls (fresh and fried), soups, vegetable dishes, meat, seafood, noodles (mi goreng) and rice dishes (nasi goreng). There are also popular fresh spring rolls with maguro tuna and avocado, crispy sauteed chicken with coconut sauce, green curry, chicken & sweet potato curry, and Vietnamese crepe with pork and shrimp are all popular choices. Desserts are a highlight featuring Vietnamese inspired sweets, puddings, crepes, shaved ice, cakes and french toast.

All in all, this restaurant provides a wonderful escape. On a recent visit, friends remarked they felt more like they were in a restaurant in Bali or Hanoi rather than in Hiroshima. Lean back in a comfortable wicker chair surrounded by colorful silk pillows and enjoy the good food and quiet and beautiful design of the place. Some of the staff were more helpful than others in terms of special orders for the kids and vegetarians, but our overall experience was very positive.

  • Japanese menu with pictures (no English menu available)
  • Reservations and group meal plans available
  • Special meals (vegetarian, children, etc..) available upon request (in advance if possible)
  • Parking Discount Available for Pacela parking lot
  • Menu: English, Japanese
  • Non-smoking seating available indoors and smoking seating available outdoors.
  • Seating for 84 (100 in summer)
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