Otherworldly Miyajima at Night

Seeing the island with fresh eyes - 5

 By Larry Knipfing   Mar 10, 2015

I like to use ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) techniques when I am shooting something that is lovely and bright at night. (See my Yokohama Minato Mirai effort.) Miyajima certainly qualifies! I was especially interested in what I could do with the image of the great iconic torii of Itsukushima Shrine. Its lines are graceful yet powerful, and the added bonus of its colorful orange image reflecting off the water became something special and beautiful through the lens of my swishing camera. Otherworldly Zen-like images.

Miyajima Island Series

1. A Few Days at Miyajima

2. Miyajima's Impressive Rakan Statues 3. Miyajima's Very Cute Jizo Statues

4. Mysterious Miyajima at Night 5. Otherwordly Miyajima at Night

6. Itsukushima Shrine at Low Tide 7. Itsukushima Shrine at High Tide

8. Mt. Misen 9. Momijidani Park


Photography by Larry Knipfing
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Elena Lisina a year ago
I like the photos! Different!
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
I also liked the ICM effect!