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Sera Kogen Wisteria Festival 2024

Purple perfection in Hiroshima

Venue: Sera Kogen Farm, Hiroshima When: Apr 27th - May 19th 2024

There are plenty of beautiful springtime blooms to enjoy once cherry blossom season passes, and one of the most elegant is wisteria, known as fuji in Japanese. One ethereal place to appreciate them is at Hiroshima's Sera Kogen Farm, which is home to approximately 1000 wisteria trees. A festival is held when the trees are looking their best, which also coincides with lupine season.

Photo: Sera Kogen Farm Co. Ltd

The purple-hued scenery makes for some excellent photo backdrops, so make sure your devices (camera, phones) are fully charged!

In addition to all the floral beauty to enjoy, there will be fun themed eats available for purchase, including a purple cream filled "wisteria" dorayaki, and wisteria soft cream.

Enjoy fun sweet treats like wisteria dorayaki
Enjoy fun sweet treats like wisteria dorayaki (Photo: Sera Kogen Farm Co. Ltd)

If you do plan on visiting, please note that admission prices to the venue differ depending on flowering status. Adults are priced between 700 JPY and 1200 JPY, and children (4 years old to elementary school age) are priced at 300 JPY to 600 JPY.

Getting there

The Sera Kogen Farm and Flower Village is located approximately a 25 minute drive from the Miyoshi IC on the Chugoku Expressway, or around 40 minutes from the Kawachi IC of the Sanyo Expressway.

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