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Visiting the Rabbits of Okunoshima

Rabbit island – home to countless semi-wild bunnies

Okunoshima is a little island in the Seto Inland Sea. During WWII, the island was home to a poison gas factory.

Today, countless semi-wild rabbits have turned the formerly morbid place into a tourist attraction for children and animal lovers. The rabbits, which are said to be the descendants of freed test bunnies (although that might just be an urban legend), roam the island freely and are mostly very docile. The cute, fluffy bunnies make for an interesting contrast with the ruins of the poison gas factory.

Okunoshima is accessible by ferry from Tadanoumi Port on Honshu, just a 5-minute walk from Tadanoumi JR station, or the more remote Sakari Port on Omishima Island. These pictures were taken in summer 2015.

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