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Yosakoi Parade - Flower Festival

Golden Week Dance Parade along Heiwa Odori (Peace blvd)

On the third day of Hiroshima's Flower Festival, held during the Golden Week holiday, is the colorful dance parade called "Yosakoi" (よさこい).

This year (2013) it was amazing weather, sunny with blue skies all day. The parade started at midday and featured Yosakoi dance troupes from around Hiroshima and other regions throughout Japan.

The signature dance moves of the Yosakoi are performed with traditional Japanese musical clackers and ornate fans. Apart from these aspects of the Yosakoi tradition, each group adds their own unique music (with live singing), costume design, make-up, banners and other decorations in order to stand out from the rest.

Most dancers emit such enthusiasm and inner joy that it is impossible not to be infected by their passion. It is really a wonderful show.

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