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Lake Kussharo in Akan National Park

Onsens, trails and mythical monsters

Rain or shine, sun or cloud, Lake Kussharo in Akan National Park near the town of Kawayu-Onsen offers stunning views. The surrounding natural hot springs provide the lake with a number of public and free-of-charge onsens and allow visitors to soak in the warm water while soaking in the view. Unlike the pristine and untouched Lake Mashu to the west, Kussharo is a recreational lake which allows boaters and those who love to fish to enjoy everything the lake has to offer. You may wish to visit the Ainu Folklore Museum, take a one hour hike around Wakoto Peninsula or spend the afternoon looking for the legendary monster that is said to make the lake its home, Kusshii. Or perhaps you’ll leave it for another day and slouch back under the surface of the water in your therapeutic onsen.

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