Ryougoku Kutchan

Kutchan's Finest Chankonabe Restaurant

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

Ryougoku is a popular restaurant in downtown Kutchan that serves the famous chankonabe, the sumo wrestler's hot pot. Satoshi Okawa, a former sumo wrestler, is now proud owner and chef with more than 35 years restaurant experience. As you enter Ryogoku you will see it’s not just about indulging in sumo food, but also immersing yourself into sumo culture and tradition. The restaurant is an exhibition of Okawa-san’s professional past. Decorations include pictures, tournament schedules and the Yokozuna belt of former sumo champion Kitanoumi. You can chose from four chankonabe sets with salt, kimchi and miso broth with up to 22 different types of meat and vegetables. Ryougoku is open everyday except Sunday from 17:30 ~ 23:00. and prices per person range from 1,500 to 2,000 yen. I highly recommend Ryougoku to anyone visiting Kutchan.

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