The Tastes of Tokyo & Kansai in Kutchan

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

Jyuzo is a little restaurant in Kutchan that specializes in Tokyo's famous monjayaki and Kansai's okonomiyaki. The restaurant features tatami matted floor tables complete with hot plates for customers to cook their own monja. If you're not confident in cooking yourself, the friendly staff can also give you a quick lesson. Customers can also watch the staff prepare okonomiyaki and yakisoba noodles on the large hotplate which is in full view of the restaurant. The Japanese menu is quite extensive with a range of monja and okonomiyaki dishes, as well as salads, yakisoba and seafood dishes. I recommend the mixed monja, grilled squid and kimchi salad. Expect to pay 2,000 ~ 3,500 yen per person after drinks. Jyuzo is only open during the summer from 17:30 ~ 23:00 everyday except Tuesday.

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