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M Pocket

A Specialty Grocery Store in Kutchan

M Pocket is a small specialty grocery store located in downtown Kutchan that serves many restaurants in the Niseko region and is also open to the public. The store specializes in a select range of international foods including Mexican, Thai, Indian and American products. M Pocket stocks a great range of international wine, champagne, whisky and beer. It also specializes in bulk-sized products such as meats, seafood, snacks and breakfast cereals. There is even a dedicated section for local natural products. I saved quite a bit of money shopping at M Pocket over the past couple of years thanks to their bulk sizes and discounted prices and those spending an extended period of time in the region can do so as well. The store is open 09:00 ~ 21:00 daily and is a seven minute walk from Kutchan Station.

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