Sweets Garden Sapporo

A celebration of sweets via Hokkaido's sugar and dairy

Venue: Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla) When: Aug 17th - Aug 20th 2023

Hokkaido is known as one of Japan's top agricultural regions, producing a diverse range of high-quality products that have gained both national and international recognition. Of particular note are the prefecture's dairy and sugar, and an upcoming event in Sapporo celebrates them in the form of sweets.

Sweets Garden Sapporo is an outdoor event which aims to promote local sweets and increase the consumption of Hokkaido-sourced dairy and sugar products. A variety of vendors will be present, selling everything from rainbow cotton candy to aesthetically-pleasing fruit sando made with fruit from the prefecture. More details regarding the sweets on offer can be found on the official event website.

Admission to the event itself is free, but bring yen if you plan on making a purchase.

Getting there

Sweets Garden Sapporo takes place at the Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla), which can be accessed in five minutes on foot from JR Sapporo Station's South Exit.


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