The Eastern-Most Point of Japan

The lighthouse at Cape Nosappu

 By Amanda Ho   Sep 29, 2016

Known for its sunrise, many visit Cape Nosappu to see the sunrise on New Year’s Day. It is the earliest place in Japan to see the morning sun. Half an hour’s drive from central Nemuro in eastern Hokkaido, the Northern Territories and the Shiretoko Peninsula can be seen.

The Nosappumisaki Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Hokkaido, and was built in 1872. On a clear day, the islands of Kunashiri, Shikotan and Habomai can be seen. The symbol of Cape Nosappu, an arch-like monument named “Shima-no-kakehashi” or “Bridge to the four islands” was built in the hope that the Northern Territories will return to Japan. One of the top photography spots in the area, Shima-no-kakehashi was built in 1980, 13 meters in height.

There is also a visitor center, which houses a museum, documenting the outline and history of the Northern Territories. Materials and documents about the Northern Territories before World War II are displayed. To have a closer look at the Northern Territories, telescopes are available as well.

Photography by Amanda Ho
Japan Travel Member

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