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Beautiful Views of Kobe Port Tower

The hyperbolic identity of Kobe City


Closed for renovation work, and scheduled to reopen on April 26, 2024. The renewal will feature an open-air 360-degree observation deck on the rooftop, a museum, a revolving cafe & bar, a pop-up space for stores, and more.

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Most of the major cities in Japan have a communication tower which usually also doubles up as a tourism attraction. Tokyo has two of them, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower. Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama have their own too and so does the port city of Kobe. The Kobe Port Tower has a unique wireframe structure made out of red colored pipes arranged in a hyperbolic form. The tower can be accessed by tourists who can take an elevator to the observatory which offers unique views and a wonderful cafe to spend some time. This photo story details multiple views I have taken over a two year period. Hope they inspire you to visit someday!

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