Kinosaki Onsen

A charmingly old-fashioned onsen town

By Tinka Weener    - 1 min read

Just a short train trip away from Kyoto or Osaka, one can find Kinosaki Onsen, a peaceful, serene town surrounded by mountains and the sea.

Kinosaki Onsen is famous for amazing seafood, natural hot springs and classic Japanese architecture.  The town was founded over 1,300 years ago, and still has the small village vibe in which strangers great each other on the streets.

Every Ryokan in this town provides his guests with a yukata (a cotton kimono), geta (wooden sandals) and a pass that will provide access to all seven of the hot spring bath houses. 

The popular guidebook, Lonely Planet, named Kinosaki Onsen the best onsen town in Japan and I agree with this completely.

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