Bumpy Hill Square

The meeting place

By Erika Clark    - 1 min read

The square near Sannomiya Station has long been the meeting spot for people going into downtown Kobe. No matter what day of the week, there is always someone sitting on one of the hills, excitedly waiting for a friend, family, or someone special. During the day, it is a safe meeting spot; by night, it's the kingdom of Kobe youth. On weekends, there are always bands set up in a circle, each politely waiting their turn as another plays. The crowds of people chat, listen, and wait. It's an exciting spot to start your journey in Kobe!

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Erika Clark

Erika Clark @erika.clark

Hello, My name is Erika and I am a Japanese American currently studying in Long Beach State University. CA. I was born and raised in Kobe Japan untill I was 15 and am fluent in both English and Japanese. I find that Japan has so much to offer and hope to share my experiences with you as I explore and discover new favorite spots! Thank you for reading :)