Ishidaya Honten Kobe Beef Yakiniku

Restaurant in Kobe that serves authentic Kobe beef

By Evangeline Neo    - 1 min read

Ishidaya is located right next to Sannomiya Station and it serves authentic Kobe beef in yakiniku (grilled) style. They have copies of certificates in their menu to proof that they serve authentic Kobe beef as well as a guide with names of different beef cuts.

We ordered the ¥6,980 course dinner that included 14 items. The key highlight was the shabu shabu and assorted beef cuts, although I felt they tasted rather similar. All meat were served as thin slices or small cuts so they almost melted inside your mouth leaving you wonder what just happened. If you are rather looking for a chunk of meat like a steak, I would recommend to visit another restaurant. But if you prefer thin slices, then you are at the right place here.

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