Maya Cable Station (Photo: Erika Clark )
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Maya Cable Car and Ropeway

Your ticket to the grand view of Kobe

How about a ride that is a little different? It is not fast or brand new, but it’ll take you to a spectacular view on top of Mount Maya. Take the Maya Viewline, a combination of the Maya Cable Car and Ropeway, to reach the observatory deck, where you can see a full panoramic view of Kobe. On a sunny day, you’ll see Osaka and even beyond! The scenery at night is said to be a “$10 million night view,” and the glistening lights of the city are sure to confirm this fact. The mountain also offers many other activities and places to visit. These include:

Maya’s Tenjoji Temple: the Tenjoji Temple houses the stature of Lady Maya (the mother of Buddha), who protects the health of children. Mount Maya is said to be named after her. Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hiking trails: you can find hiking trails that begin from the city or start from Maya mountain. There are many different trails to follow depending on your age and skill. When I went, there were several hikers all chatting along as they worked their way through the forest. Many trails stretched from the main road, making it easy to start on a hike.

Maya Nature Park: Maya Nature park is filled with seasonal flowers (hydrangea flowers all around). It is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy nature without too much of a workout. Relax on a bench and take in the scenery; there is no need to rush.

Kobe Municipal Shizen no Ie (Nature House): The Shizen no Ie is a center for outdoor activities, training, and seminars for young adults. I followed the voices of laughing children and wandered into this area. The voices came from a lake where many elementary students were kayaking and giggling as they rowed. It seems that many schools take their students to this location for one of their outings. It’s a very fun place for a child, with great jungle gym like constructions and many places to run around, catch frogs, and climb their hearts out.

Finally, the last destination in my journey was the Rokkosan Pasture on top of the hill, there is a bus that can take you there straight from the ropeway station but I choose to walk in order to look around. The farm is simply filled with animals but not in an overwhelming way. It is like an open petting zoo where visitors can pet, feed, and walk around the pasture. They also offer many other fun activities such as cheese making, horseback riding, and once a month pizza making. It's a fun place to go for a date, or with your children.

There are many things Mount Maya offers, so be sure to make a visit before you leave Kobe, and start your journey on the Maya Viewline.

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