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Super Jumbo Ferry

Old-school ferry crossing the Seto Inland Sea

Ferry travel is one of the best ways to cross the Seto Inland Sea, so climb on board the Super Jumbo Ferry, servicing Takamatsu on Shikoku and Kobe in Kansai. The journey takes 4 1/2 hours, with a brief stop at Shodoshima Island to drop off and pick up passengers. On board the four-tier ferry, kitted out in splendid retro-fittings, you will find all you need for an enjoyable crossing. Pass the time comfortably on reclining chairs, sofas and tatami rooms; beds are available for night travel. There is even a gaming section with a small studio. The hungry can use the vending machines or eat at the little food counter, which serves simple food like sanuki udon and sausages. At ¥1990 for a ticket, it is a cheap and convenient mode of travel. The view of the islands, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Kobe's shoreline along the way is also well-worth the ticket price.

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