The Akashi Sake Brewery

Take a deep dive into Akashi Tai and its delicious sake

By Fiona Yoshitake    - 1 min read

From soy sauce to rice trading to sake brewing, the history of the Akashi Sake Brewery stretches back over a hundred years.

While Akashi’s products are now loved all over the world (for example The Ritz Paris, Michelin-starred restaurants in London, and bars such as The Gibson - No. 6 in 2016’s World’s Top 50 Bars), it remains a family owned micro-brewery.

Every bottle of the over twelve different types of sake, sake liqueur and non-alcoholic beverage at Akashi are produced by a two man team, one of whom is also Mr Yonezawa, the brewery’s owner.

From classic styles to modern sparkling sake, and the world’s first whole grain sake, Akashi hopes to be able to bring delicious local flavour to everyone.

Many of the most sought after varieties are only available from the Akashi Sake Brewery's giftshop, so make sure to pay a visit on your way through Kobe!

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Fiona Yoshitake

Fiona Yoshitake @fiona.yoshitake