Colors of Autumn - Mount Tsukuba

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down

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Have you had your autumn getaway this year?

Autumn or Fall is famous for its splendid colors. One of the most popular hiking destinations in Japan is Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture. From the end of September until November, most leaves of hardwood forest begin to change its colors, giving a magnificent colorful display. Aside from hiking, you can enjoy sightseeing and relaxing in a traditional Onsen bath at a nearby hotel.

Surprisingly, in good weather you can even see the summit of Mount Fuji which is over 250 km away. The best views are during sunrise and sunset.

How To Get There

Going to Tsutsujigaoka Ropeway Station or Mount Tsukuba Shrine Entrance (near Cable Car Station by foot) : Accessible via shuttle bus from Tsukuba Station (at least 40-50 minutes)

Going to Mount Tsukuba Main Entrance: Accessible via shuttle bus from Tsukuba Station or regular bus from Tsuchiura Station.

To reach to Mount Nantai or Mount Nyotai, the two summits of Mount Tsukuba: From Tsukubasan Shrine to Mount Nantai, you can access by cable car ( One way ticket costs 570 yen adults and 290 yen for children)

From Tsutsujigaoka Ropeway Station to go up to Mount Nyotai you can access by ropeway (One way ticket costs- 600 yen adults and 300 yen for children)

Mount Tsukuba 13th Annual Event 2015

Mount Tsukuba Specialty Fukure Mandarin Chili Pork Soup (free)

When: November 14-15, Time: 11am~ Where: Mount Tsukuba Welcome Center (For the first 100 people - Fukure Mandarin products will also be on sale.)

Make a Ball Point Pen Using a Branch from a Plum Blossom Tree

When: November 14-15, Time: 11am~ Where: Forest Adventure Tsukuba (Cost: 200 yen)

Autumn Appreciation Festival Free Gift for Cable Car and Ropeway Passengers

When: November 28, Time: 11am~ Where: Miyawaki Cable Car Station or Tsutsujigaoka Ropeway Station (For the first 50 passengers at each station.)

For more details please visit:

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Find out more about Mount Tsukuba.

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